Quality Dental Restorations That Provide Warm Smiles, Sound Dental Health, Competitive Value, and Improved Profits --

Dear Dentist - Are you looking for a new (or backup) lab for dental restorations?

If you are, let me help.

As you know, I spend most of my available bench time on anterior cases. So, I work closely with full-service dental laboratory partners.

These dental labs provide your office with reliable and attractive, bread-and-butter, restorations at a great value.

They do the work I don't have the time to do, or cannot do.

For instance, my partners are equipped with the latest technology in milling and scanning, and even have separate departments staffed with specialists in removables and implants.

You’ll love working with them.

I normally work on cosmetic dental cases as an aesthetic ceramist, however, not all cases require such a high level of expertise. Not all patients want or need this level of white-glove service from you.

Most patients simply want good oral health and to enjoy the benefits of quality dental care they can afford.

If you work on many bread-and-butter cases (inlay/onlay, posteriors, partials, pfm, dentures, night guards, you name it…), you will enjoy securing your restorations through my dental lab connections.

What's more, the restorations:

  • Fit flawlessly, saving chair time and increasing your profit margins;
    Look natural and function accurately;

  • Meet stringent health standards and pass through multiple quality control checks before being shipped to you;

  • And the focus on value enables you to pass along savings to your patients, maximize your revenue, or both.

Everyone wins and smiles happy.

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Sourcing quality, value-conscious restorations through my lab associations empowers you to give your patients what they want and give them a great experience and end result, while retaining higher revenues for your practice...

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