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With a Snap-On Smile

It would be nice if could simply have a Snap-on Smile to make our smile brite and beautiful. In the search for a Michael Jackson smile, it is amazing what cosmetic dentistry can accomplish. Dentists can truly take something dubious and turn it into the best smiles dental procedures can make possible.

What can dentists do? They can create bright smiles from a mess of broken and lost teeth. They can turn a crooked smile into an alluring one. Dentists can banish gummy smiles. They can whiten and brighten teeth using a variety of techniques. If you want a perfect dental smile, they can provide it.

In fact, dentists can do so much more than in the past decades. The development of new technology has been a boon more many different professions. Dental surgery and cosmetic procedures have benefited from new skills. The development of new products and methods has resulted in a reasonable expectation that we can all have a perfect smile.

In Search Of The Perfect Smile

The desire to have a white smile is a characteristic of American society. The cult of celebrities cultivates it. Models, actors, musicians, sports figures and so many others in the public spotlight, display the ideal dental smile. Consider the pearly whites of Jessica Alba, the sexy smile of Eva Medes or the cute smile of Jennifer Aniston. What about the flashing teeth of Tom Cruise or David Beckham’s smile? Do they have a snap-on smile?

Smiles are catching. They make us feel good. According to research, they also give us the confidence to do things. This may mean make a date or apply for a better job. With the right teeth, some people feel almost anything is possible. We are fortunate that technology and skill now allows us to get what we want. We can abandon that gummy smile for a bright, clean, sparkling one.

Common Procedures – In-Office

Some methods of achieving the goal of a Hollywood smile involve dental surgery. Among the most common are:

  • Teeth whitening or bleaching
  • Teeth whitening - using a laser or light to step up the process. This includes Brite Smile – a patented process of whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Gingivectomy or gum lifts
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Crown lengthening

While a dentist can prepare a dental whitening kit for at home use, most of these procedures are not suitable for use outside of the dentist's office.

Common Procedures – At-Home Methods

There are also at-home methods. These allow anyone to work on their teeth and to improve their look. They can do so in the comfort, privacy and security of the home. Essentially, there is only one process but many products.

Teeth whitening has a variety of commercially available products. They can help improve the shade of your teeth by several degrees. The method is similar to a dental procedure. The strength of the active agent and the means differ. The result of this dental smile will depend upon several factors including the condition of the teeth and the product effectiveness.

The Goal Is Within Reach

Anyone can strive and obtain a bright smile. Whether we choose a Snap-On Smile or undergo crown replacements, we can have the teeth we want. The important thing is to make sure it is exactly what we want and need. Be realistic in the expectations. A dentist can only do so much and, let’s face it, some of us are never happy no matter what we do.

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