Non-Prep Veneer

non prep thin prep veneer

This is known as a non prep veneer

This is a non-prep veneer. (As you may have guessed from a previous case it's a feldspathic veneer.)

These veneers are made very thin and need no prepping of the natural tooth to install. They go right over and bonded directly to the enamel; making these types of veneers extremely non-invasive proceedures.

They're most suitable for minor cosmetic corrections.

For example, to repair a chipped corner on your tooth, to fix excess wear on your tooth's biting edge (incisal edge), and even to close a gap between front teeth.

In this case, the non-prep veneer will be used on the patient's front tooth.

After a model is made of the tooth, we foil the area that will be restored. Think of the foil as the canvas where the porcelain is built up.

This is a picture after the porcelain build up is done and the foil is peeled off.

In feldspathic veneers the foil is only used to help build up the porcelain, it is not installed into the mouth.

This is the final product that will be shipped to the dentist. It's in the appropriate color to match the patient's natural teeth and just needs to be bonded to the tooth.

As you can imagine, when it's in this state, loose and free, it can be a bit brittle. The dentist and technician have to handle with care.

However, once it is properly bonded and supported by the tooth's structure it's solid and can last years, even decades, with proper care. i.e. it's not recommended to chew on ice, and be careful with apples ;-)

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