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Dentist PR done right.

Below is one of my select dentists, Dr. Bernie Villadiego, he was featured on the local TV news for donating cosmetic dental work to a mom who used super-glue to keep her teeth... 

It's a heart-warming story. And I'm proud to work with dentists like him, and proud that he landed some very powerful publicity. He deserves it!

She looks great, doesn't she?

I couldn't imagine super-gluing my broken teeth.

Her new teeth make her look better, healthier, and even younger.

And she's right.

People do notice your teeth and judge you based on their condition.

You can do the same...

Heartfelt make-over stories are always sought after in the local news.

What's more, the local media is also open to stories that talk about looking better, healthier, and younger, which are often the results from cosmetic dentistry.

If you want to go a bit more "high-brow," you can generate strong PR among your peers by getting your work featured in dental industry trade journal.

In each case, you'll need to work with a talented aesthetic dental technician who can make your work really stand out. I'd be happy to help you.

What are the risks?

Free publicity has a fantastic return on investment. However, there is a 'cost'.

It takes a little work and effort to draw the local media's attention and pitch them a story idea.

The problem is that even if they accept your offer, you probably won't be able to control the final outcome, and your story could get 'bumped'.

For instance, your story is scheduled to air tonight on the 11 o'clock news, but an airplane crashes into a building... your story could get bumped off as they use your spot to report on the plane crash.

It's also possible that your story won't be put back into rotation on a later night.

In any case, it's still worth doing and you should ask for a copy of the video for your own marketing.

Is there away around this risk?

Getting your work featured in a dental trade journal is a surer bet. Why?

You still have to invest time and effort to pitch an idea and get it accepted. But if they agree to your idea, your piece will get published.

Emergencies and major geo-political events don't often affect a trade journal's editorial calendar.

Getting a story bumped is rare in this space, and the opposite is often true. Since they've already agreed to the story (and structure i.e. 1,000 words, 4 photos, etc.) your story is placed in queue, and they're depending on getting it by deadline to properly fill and layout their pages.

They've committed to it and already reserving space for it in their publication.

Put Your Best Work Forward --

During Dr. Villadiego's TV coverage, the local news didn't interview me :-(

But that's okay since I do my important work behind the scenes. Most patients never meet their dental lab technician.

But as you know, we are the professionals who handcraft custom dental restorations - the veneers, implants, crowns and bridges, and more, which you depend on to transform smiles, and show-off your best work to the public and to your colleagues.

Dentist PR works!

Dentist: Generate powerful dental PR and work with a talented dental technician with the experience to show-off your skill and attract the recognition you deserve, let's chat!

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