Aesthetic Dental Lab Ceramist Helps Cosmetic Dentists
Attract High-End Cosmetic Patients and Their Referrals

As you know, working with a skilled ceramist, experienced in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry cases is essential to attracting self-paying clientele and lucrative referrals.

I work with prosthodontists, cosmetic dentists, and other dental specialists who strive for excellence and serve patients who seek first rate results. Dental professionals who understand and practice the complex language of:

  • Neuromuscular occlusion;
  • Stomatognathic function;
  • Smile design and color, and;
  • Exercise clear dentist-lab communication to deliver medically sound, functionally-aesthetic, and long-lasting results for the patient.

If this describes your dental practice today, or where you want to lead your practice in the future...

Reach out to me and let's chat

** If instead you're looking for good quality and good value restorations for bread-and-butter cases, please click here.

A Few of My Qualifications...

Here's how my experience enables select dentists like you to attract lucrative dental cases, raise your perceived value in patients' eyes, and stand out from your peers in a crowded dentistry market...

  • Aided one cosmetic dentist to secure tens of thousands of dollars in free dentist PR, publicity, celebrity, and professional recognition by crafting the dental restorations showcased on the local TV news;

  • Crafted dental restorations featured in a prestigious dental journal.

  • Apprenticed directly under Master CDT, LVI Master Ceramist, and one of the elite AACD Fellow dental 'technicians' in the world (now retired);

How can I help you and your patients?

  • Experienced with smile design, facial aesthetics, case selection, treatment protocols, dental materials, case planning, and dental photography;

  • Expert with e.max, thin/non-prep veneers, and the latest and most advanced materials and laboratory techniques for sculpting implants, veneers, anterior teeth, and full mouth restorations;

  • Skilled at manipulating porcelain to attain the desired and necessary aesthetic effects and shade over any dentin color with vitality. Including, morphological contours, controlling hue, chroma, value, and in/extrinsic characterization to match adjacent teeth;

  • Attend advanced courses from Vident, e.max/Smile Design, Oral Design, and many others;

  • Stay on top of the exciting world of cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics, dental restorations, digital technology, materials, and manufacturing processes by networking and consulting with labs and technicians globally;
  • Shorten dentist chair time by maximizing lab accuracy. This is done by mentoring and coaching ceramists, waxers, and metal finishers to perfect their skill, diagnostic wax-ups, and framework design...

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