Dental Insurance: Does It Cover Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Taking care of your teeth can be expensive. Dental insurance can be the solution.

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In fact, this is one reason why many choose to sign on for some form of dental health care.

Even in Canada, their form of universal health care does not include dental.

The need for some type of dental care policy is especially obvious for those who have families. Fortunately, it's simple to find and compare insurance plans.

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Dental insurance

Children, in particular, may require the services of a dentist. They may need fillings, removals, straightening and braces. Adolescents are also very aware of how their teeth appear.

They, and many adults, may want to enhance their teeth.

They might want to fill in gaps. No one wants a gummy smile. Very few crave a crooked smile or one with obvious spaces. Yet, what kind of dental plan is capable of playing for everything.

Two Types Of Dental Insurance Coverage...

Dental insurance does not need to be a complex matter. In essence, you can choose between two different major categories of plans. These are indemnity and managed care.

#1 Indemnity is traditional insurance. It provides it holders with benefits provided by their family or own dentist.

The plan holder must pay for the fees directly upon receiving the service. The plan holder then files the papers with the insurance company.

Upon receipt of the documents, the insurance company either accepts or denies the claim.

If the company accepts the bill, they send a check for reimbursement for the stated amount.

In some instances, only a portion of the amount is covered. The company will then return the total cost minus the stated percentage for the deductible.

A maximum benefit cap may also affect the total expenditures a policy will permit.

#2 Managed-care Insurance Plans. The standard providers for these plans are Dental Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPO), Dental Health Maintenance Organization Plans (DMO) and Dental Point of Service Plans (POS).

These policies are less expensive than indemnity insurance plans. They also generally restrict access to the dental professional.

In other words, you may not have your personal choice of dentist. Yet, you also do not have to worry about submitting a claim. The dental professional handles all the paper work.

What Most Dental Care Plans Cover

Most dental care plans will pay for preventative care. In some instances, the insurance company will cover 100% of this particular cost.In the case of other procedures, the percentage of coverage will vary.

A plan’s benefits may take care of anywhere from zero to 50%. It depends upon whether the service is designated as basic, major or cosmetic.

Dental plans will cover replacement teeth in the form of dental bridges and full or partial dentures. In many instances, this is a case where the least expensive alternative treatment (LEAT) is the one an insurance company will accept.

If, for example, a tooth requires a crown, the company will opt for the LEAT – porcelain fused over a metal crown rather than a ceramic one.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures And Dental Insurance

Most plans do not cover cosmetic dental procedures. This includes many different procedures the insurance companies describe as esthetic and non-essential.

Among the list are many commonplace surgical and non-surgical procedures including:

Dental implants are also an elective process. Where, however, it concerns specific dental insurance implants coverage, read the document carefully.

Implants may or may not be covered. Check with the provider to see if they do so. If not, consider purchasing dental implants insurance.

Buyer Beware

When purchasing dental insurance, it is essential to know what is and what is not covered. In general, most dental plans cover preventive measures. Where it concerns other dental procedures, however, this does not hold true.

While some plans cover some items for up to 100%, others do not. As for implants - in all probability, you will have to purchase some form of dental implants insurance.

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