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Finding a standard dental implant price list online or published in a medical journal is hard to come by, maybe impossible. There is no standard fee guide that all dentists follow.

The good news is the average cost for dental implants have come down over the years, while at the same time, quality and skill have improved.

Even so, getting dental implants is a surgical procedure and is not cheap.

Below is a rough dental implant price list. However, you should probably use it more like a dental implant price “guide” that contains general fee ranges you’ll typically find in the U.S.

Since you’ll be paying for much of the costs yourself (most the costs are not covered by dental insurance or dental plans), make sure to shop around and negotiate.

And when you consult the dentist make sure to get a copy of his or her dental implant price list; a detailed estimate, breaking down the recommended treatment and fees for each step.

Dental Implant Price List... A Very Short Guide

  • The average out the door quote you’ll typically hear will range between $3,000 and $6,000 per implant;
  • One arch (a full set of teeth for the top or bottom of the mouth) could average around $45,000;
  • A full set of upper and lower, implant-supported dentures can range up to $90,000 depending on complexity;

Money Saving Tip: Compared to other medical professionals, dentists are usually in tune with the fact they must provide a high quality service at a competitive price to win patients. Negotiate.

As you can tell from the prices above, these are lucrative, high value procedures. Since, you pay most of, and probably all, the costs out of your own pocket, don’t be shy about negotiating and being a smart shopper.

Money Saving Tip 2: Get a second opinion and ask about lower cost options or alternatives. Perhaps, you and the dentist can accomplish the same desired result with four implants instead of six, for example.

The good news is because you pay for this yourself, you have more direct control over your health and dental care. There are no bureaucratic insurance or government agency middlemen getting in the way and needlessly increasing costs.

What Goes Into The Price of Dental Implants --

  • The price for one basic implant can range between $1,500 to $3,000;
  • Other procedures such as extractions, sinus lifts, and tissue and bone grafts are additional and could raise the final quote between $4,000 to $10,000;
  • It’s common that some of the factors (such as removing the old tooth) will apply, so the average quote you may see is closer to $3,000 and more;
  • A single crown mounted to the implant, depending on the material chosen adds from $1,000 to $3,000. This includes the abutment hardware to connect it to the implant post;
  • The biggest cost of the dental implant surgery is the office overhead. This includes the oral surgeon supported by a team of professionals, a surgical room, and follow-up visits;
  • Another factor is the hardware (implant, crown, and abutment). All together this can start at $700, but for custom or more aesthetic situations (which tend look more natural, and fit and perform better over time) the price goes up;
  • Dental implant prices will also vary by the dentist’s training and years of experience. Dentists with four years of post-surgical training in oral surgery and specialists like prosthodontists tend to charge more for their skill than those who undertook a few days of training (all these training options are professionally accepted);
  • The state where the dentist is located is also a factor. The East and West Coasts tend to be more expensive than the middle parts of the country. Plus, many comment that major cities such as Miami, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and their metro areas tend to have higher fees than smaller cities like Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Louisville, etc. Others say, farther out from major metro areas, costs can drop 20% or more.

Money Saving Tip3: You can often find advertisements offering implants for under $1,000, maybe even $300. Feel free to check those out as a second or third opinion. Just be prepared if the advertised costs don't include all the other steps that go into implants mentioned above.

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What kind of prices have you been quoted for implants? What did you pay for your implant procedure? What did it include? Share your experience and discuss below...

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