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tools brushes for dental technician

Tools of the trade for cosmetic dentistry, includes tea for well deserved breaks

Think of this page, and its links, as the Reality TV of cosmetic (aesthetic) dentistry from the dental lab and dental technician's point of view.

However, the words 'lab' and 'technician' don't accurately define what I do or where I work...

Here's a better way of thinking about it:

It's an exciting world of artisans and craftspeople who create unique works of functional art.

Not all the work I do is aesthetic in nature, but it's what I enjoy most.

And although my work is done in something called a dental 'lab,'  the lab actually resembles an art atelier or workshop more than a chemistry lab.

If you visit, you'll see a bunch of talented people working with their hands and using specialized tools to create dental art.

It's noisy. There are machines grinding, drilling, baking, melting, sandblasting, molding, milling, vacuuming, and polishing.

And we use tools like magnifying glasses, knives, tweezers, pliers, natural hair paint brushes, burrs, saws, spatulas, and even flame torches.

Plus, we manipulate porcelain, acrylic, glazes, colors, pigments, dies, plaster, platinum, gold, titanium, and wax.

Click the links below to see real life aesthetic dentistry before it's placed in the mouth...

Real Life Cosmetic Dentistry Photo Gallery

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