Why Cosmetic Dentist Veneers?

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Cosmetic dentist veneers are one method through which a dental professional can restore or even create a beautiful smile.

While options include teeth whitening and cosmetic dentures, cosmetic dental veneers are a popular method patients ask about all the time.

Yet, the process is relatively new. It only dates back to the early 20th century.

In the 1930s, with the "invention" and growing popularity of movies, talking movies, close-ups, and later television, a smile became critically important to a Hollywood starlets career.

You couldn't work in Hollywood and hide a bad smile.

A California dentist, Charles L. Pincus (1904-1986), came up with a clever solution. He formed porcelain into the shape of a tooth. He then stuck them to the surface (lingual) of a tooth using denture glue.

In doing so, he created the illusion of the perfect "Hollywood Smile."

The smiles looked great but didn't stay put long enough. The available technology at the time, denture glue, didn't hold veneers in place for very long. Yet, his ideas was truly groundbreaking.

Cosmetic dental procedures, techniques, and technology evolved over the decades and have became more dependable leading to their increased popularity.

What are Veneers?

Today, a veneer is no longer a sometimes-clumsy piece of porcelain temporarily attached to a tooth or teeth.

It is an extremely sophisticated thin shell of either porcelain (ceramic) or some form of composite resin.

The dentist can attach the veneer securely to the front part of the tooth with powerful adhesive bonds.

Why Cosmetic Dentist Veneers?

An individual may request a veneer for a number of reasons. Most are connected to improving the look of the front teeth:

  • Hide discoloration or stains– particularly yellowing or off-color fillings;
  • Close gaps between teeth;
  • Repair damage such as chips or cracks on a tooth;
  • Brighten up teeth;
  • Improving a smile

Overall, a veneer may prove to be effective and less drastic than other procedures. However, in many cases, veneer dentistry may need to work together with other dental procedures to provide the best and healthiest form and function.


In an article published in 2009 in Aesthetic Dentistry Today, Philip Newsome and Siobhan Owen wrote:

"Ceramic veneers are a very useful treatment option, but it must be remembered that they are just that, an option. They are certainly not applicable in all clinical cases requiring improvement of anterior aesthetics and great care must be taken in case selection and treatment planning. When they are used appropriately ... veneers are more than capable of providing a long-lasting, conservative, aesthetic solution."

Attention must be given to their maintenance – particularly cleaning.

If we want to keep our veneers healthy, we must practice daily oral self-treatment.

Veneers do have a limited life span. Care properly for the veneer and the smile will last longer.

Achieving That Hollywood Smile

Cosmetic dentist veneers reflect the concern we all have with our smiles. Along with cosmetic dentures, implants and teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry veneers is a viable method of obtaining a brilliant smile.

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