Are There Such Things As Cheap Dental Implants?

Cheap dental implants

According to some, cheap dental implants are not possible. They are a figment of the imagination. This is particularly true for dental implant dentures. Where implants meet dentures, the costs go soaring. In general, however, the cost of dental implants is seen as often being prohibitive.

Essentially, the rationale for this lies in the technique as well as the requirement for surgery. The discovery by Swedish Professor Per-Invar Brånemark (1952) that titanium melds to bone marked the beginning. Since then, researchers and dentists have sought to improve the quality and affordability of the process. Like whitening, a dental implant procedure has increased in availability over the decades since this discovery.

It is highly unlikely that dental implant procedures will ever become an over-the-counter (OTC) procedure. Unlike the whitening of teeth, dental implants require surgical intervention to replace lost, missing or diseased teeth. Dental implants have become, however, more accessible. This is particularly true when dental implant dentures are considered. The development of various “mini” appliances has succeeded in reducing overall costs. Yet, even the cost of these applications differs.

Basic Dental Implants Cost

A dental implant cost varies due to several factors. These include:

  • Actual procedure – an implant or one that includes various other procedures e.g. sinus elevation, bone regeneration
  • The extent of the implants – partial, one tooth, a complete upper jaw or both jaws
  • Additional treatments following the dental implants
  • Dental implant problems that may incur, including dental implant failure
  • Location of the office – regional differences occur
  • Whether the dentist is a specialist or a generalist
  • Whether a team is involved

The matter of cost pales in many eyes, however, when it comes to considering the full value of dental implants.


While figures vary, the cost for a basic dental implant may range from $1,250 to $3,000. Under certain medical or oral circumstances, the cost may rise to as high as $30,000.

A Matter Of Cost-Effectiveness

Dentists and dental associations do not believe the price of dental implants is prohibitive. They believe affordable dental implants are the norm. They base this not on actual price but on cost-effectiveness. According to this approach, dental implants are worth the price tag because of their:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Natural appearance
  • Flexibility

In this way, dental implants become the best method for replacing lost or missing teeth.

Lowering The Cost

Theoretically, it is possible to lower the overall cost of the procedure. Research the topic well before making a decision. Consider:

  • Selecting a dentist newer to the field
  • Look for a facility in the suburbs rather than centrally located
  • Shop around gathering the price from different dentists
  • Check the price of the procedure as offered at a dental school or university

Above all, do not trust your insurance to cover or reduce the cost. This is cosmetic dental surgery. As such, most dental plans do not pay for it.

In Search Of The Affordable Dental Implant

While cheap dental implants remain elusive for now, affordable dental implants are possible. Improved technology is helping to reduce surgical costs as well as time. Dental implants will never become an at-home procedure. However, like the whitening of teeth, the process is becoming within reach of more individuals.

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