Will BriteSmile Get You the Perfect, White, and Dazzling Smile You Want?

Are you on a quest for that perfectly white, dazzling smile? Look no further than BriteSmile – a cutting-edge teeth whitening treatment that offers immediate results and lasting effects.

BriteSmile is a professional teeth whitening treatment that utilizes a unique combination of light and whitening gel to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth. The treatment is safe, painless, and fast – taking only about an hour from start to finish. Best of all, the results are immediate and can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

But why choose BriteSmile over other teeth whitening treatments on the market? Simply put, BriteSmile is the gold standard in teeth whitening. While over-the-counter whitening products may seem like a cheaper alternative, they are often less effective and can lead to uneven whitening or tooth sensitivity. BriteSmile, on the other hand, is a professional-grade treatment administered by a trained dental professional, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

What Other Benefits Are There?

In addition to its effectiveness, BriteSmile also boasts a number of other benefits. For one, the treatment is non-invasive – meaning there are no needles or drilling involved. This makes it a great option for those who are afraid of the dentist or uncomfortable with more intensive dental procedures.

BriteSmile is also customizable to meet your individual needs and preferences. The light and gel can be adjusted to achieve your desired level of whitening, and the treatment can be repeated as needed to maintain the results.

Perhaps best of all, BriteSmile is a relatively affordable and accessible option for those looking to improve their smile. While the cost may vary depending on your location and the specific dental office you visit, the treatment is generally priced in the range of $300-$500 – a reasonable investment for a brighter, more confident smile.

What Can You Expect?

So, what can you expect from a BriteSmile treatment? First, your dental professional will assess your teeth to ensure that you are a good candidate for the treatment. They will then apply a protective barrier to your gums and lips to minimize any irritation or sensitivity.

Next, the whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and activated by a special light. You will then relax for about 20 minutes while the gel works its magic. This process may be repeated several times to achieve the desired level of whitening.

After the treatment, you may experience some temporary sensitivity or discoloration – but this should subside within a few days. To maximize the longevity of your BriteSmile results, your dental professional may provide you with at-home maintenance instructions, such as avoiding certain foods and beverages and using a special toothpaste.

Overall, BriteSmile is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their smile and boost their confidence. With its fast, safe, and effective results, you can't go wrong with this cutting-edge whitening treatment. So don't wait – book your BriteSmile appointment today and see the difference for yourself!

NOTE:  Although the BriteSmile tooth whitening treatment is considered safe, there are certain risks you need to be aware of:

  • Sensitivity. You may experience a temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature, pressure and touch as a result of the in-office whitening -- especially if you have gum recession or significant cracks in your teeth.

    There's less chance of this occurring with BriteSmile because it uses a lower concentration of the bleaching agent. If you experience any sensitivity, your dentist may recommend a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate for sensitive teeth.

  • Gum irritation. While they use a lower concentration of bleaching agent than other treatments, there's always a chance you may experience some temporary gum irritation.

  • Technicolor teeth. If you elect to have tooth whitening done when you have existing dental restorations, such as bonding, crowns or porcelain veneers, these dental restorations will not be whitened by the bleach. This results in what is called technicolor teeth.

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