First Annual DTG (Dental Technician's Guild) Symposium 2014 - Provo, Utah - USA

dental-symposium-damaged-goodsReady to learn new dental technology tips

A few months ago, I attended the first DTG Symposium in Provo, Utah. DTG stands for Dental Technician's Guild.

It's more of a friendly club for elite technicians who share tips, show-off work, and work hard to excel and handcraft high quality aesthetic dental restorations.

Sadly, like in a number of professions, many dental technicians treat their job like a J.O.B.

They're not concerned about excellence. They don't invest the time to perfect and refine their skill or knowledge. They want to do the minimum, finish their work for the day, as fast as possible, avoid headaches, and go home. There's nothing wrong with that.

But the people I met at the Symposium were a lot like me.

We were all craftspeople who love our work. We have a passion for what we do. It matters to us the quality and level work we send to dentists and patients.

In many ways, we're not much different than a painter or musician or a 5-star chef.

The details matter a whole lot. We see the nuances that are invisible to most others technicians. I'm happy to be part of this brotherhood (or sisterhood).

Enjoy the photos...

Waterfall off scenic highway 189/Alpine Loop Provo, Utah.

The symposium was held in Provo, Utah. It was my first trip to Utah. I had no idea how gorgeous the state is. After the symposium, I did a little driving around and was just floored by the landscape.

Lucky for us, it wasn't all work and no play. After one of the sessions we boarded a bus and drove around to the nearby sights.

boarding-school-busAfter a long day indoors, its great to get out!
A walk in the forest near Sundance, UT

This was the view from my hotel room. The picture doesn't do it justice. Those mountains were majestic and a great way to wake up each morning.

View from Provo Marriott and Convention Center

We Also Did Some Work at
the DTG Symposium

We heard from many interesting and insightful speakers. Some were technicians, some were dentists.

I got a lot of great information I've been able to apply in the lab over the past few months!

I plan on coming back next year!

Are you looking for a new dental technician? Let me help!

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